[Pw_forum] elph question

Mehrnaz Anvari anvari_meh at physics.iust.ac.ir
Sun Nov 15 06:33:21 CET 2009

Dear Paolo
Sorry, my question had a problem, so I have to correct it. In my first 
question I asked you that it  is  possible to calculate elph coupling  for   
2D material such as graphene, then you answered that it is a tricky problem 
because it isn't solved simply with brute force. I was confused because I 
had read in your paper that for phonon calculations brute foce finite 
difference methode is used. In other hand, we need phonon calculations for 
next step(elph calculatins), so I thought that I have to change something in 
code and I couldn't use it directly,at least for graphene.
Iran University of science & technology
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