[Pw_forum] GIPAW: write tensor field

Lorenzo Paulatto paulatto at sissa.it
Mon Nov 2 10:36:28 CET 2009

On Mon, November 2, 2009 10:19, Goranka Bilalbegovic wrote:
>  In the GIPAW directory there is a file "write_tensor_field.f90". However,
>  it looks as writing of tensor fields is not implemented. I would like to
>  know if there are  some problems with this implementation, or
>  "write_tensor_field" is just not
>  implemented till now.

Dear Goranka,
the write_tensor_field subroutine is used by suscept_crystal.f90 which
will write two files (one containing the current, the other containing the
B field, I guess) but only if you have set the input variables filcurr and
filfield. To be honest, I'm not totally sure of what will actually go in
the file, but I suspect you know more than me on this subject.

best regards

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