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Stefano Baroni baroni at sissa.it
Mon Mar 30 19:09:11 CEST 2009

Hi All!

The Quantum ESPRESSO community is growing. We want it to be free,  
creative, altruistic. Free to develop new applications to enhance the  
functionalities of QE and to make it interoperable with other  
scientific software. Creative: new developments will allow to  
calculate properties and to simulate processes that have been so far  
unaccessible to computer modeling. Altruistic: we encourage all the  
users/developers to share their own developments with the entire  
community, and to submit their scientific software to the feedback of  
the community.

The QE-forge portal is a new service that the members of our community  
can utilize not only to download the latest releases of the QE  
distribution and related software, but also (and above all, I would  
say), to allow everyone to open their QE-related project, to maintain  
it using state-of-the art repository tools, and to share it with other  

QE-forge provides, through a user-friendly web interface, an  
integrated development environment, whereby researchers can freely  
upload, manage and maintain their own software, while retaining a full  
control over it, including the right of not releasing it. The services  
so far available include source-code management software (CVS or SVN  
repository), mailing lists, public forums, bug tracking facilities,  
download space, and wiki pages for projects documentation. QE-forge is  
expected to become the main tool by which QUANTUM ESPRESSO end users  
and external contributors can maintain QE-related projects and make  
them available to the community.

Visit http://qe-forge.org

Happy QE-forging!

Stefano Baroni

Stefano Baroni - SISSA  &  DEMOCRITOS National Simulation Center -  
[+39] 040 3787 406 (tel) -528 (fax) / stefanobaroni (skype)

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