[Pw_forum] Compilation of espresso-4.0.4

Amos Leffler amosleffler at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 17:21:04 CET 2009

Hi Forum,
              I have been trying to compile espresso-4.0.4 using
LAM/MPI-7.1.4.   The latter was correctly installed as noted by the
program itself.  I was able to configure the espresso program in
parallel mode as noted by the output of the configure file.  However,
when I tried to use the "make all" command it started to compile but
stopped in the file "fft_paralled.f90" on line 234 with the message
   "mpi_double_complex has no implicit type".  I have run into the
same error with OpenMpi-1.2.9 and Axel K. thought that it was
due to problems with the OpenMpi.  It should be noted that espresso
does compile properly in single mode.
             Hopefully there is a simple work-around.

                             Amos Leffler

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