[Pw_forum] Compilation Error - Cygwin - PGI 8.0.4 Compilers

Paolo Giannozzi giannozz at democritos.it
Tue Mar 24 21:36:04 CET 2009

On Mar 24, 2009, at 19:58 , snd2mra at yahoo.com wrote:

> checking for dummy main to link with Fortran libraries... unknown
> configure: error: linking to Fortran libraries from C fails

in the cvs version you may try "configure --disable-check"

> PGC-F-0206-Can't find include file sys/resource.h (stack.c: 11)

clib/stack.c is used only by the Intel compiler, so you can just
comment the routine stack.c

Paolo Giannozzi, Democritos and University of Udine, Italy

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