[Pw_forum] QHA code

Eyvaz Isaev eyvaz_isaev at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 9 13:13:43 CET 2009

Dear Li,

I had problems with Internet on holidays.
If I did not send to you the code yet, I will send.


Prof. Eyvaz Isaev, 
Theoretical Physics Department, Moscow State Institute of Steel & Alloys, Russia, 
Department of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (IFM), Linkoping University, Sweden 
Condensed Matter Theory Group, Uppsala University, Sweden 
Eyvaz.Isaev at fysik.uu.se, isaev at ifm.liu.se, eyvaz_isaev at yahoo.com

--- On Mon, 3/9/09, lidonglin556 <lidonglin556 at 163.com> wrote:

> From: lidonglin556 <lidonglin556 at 163.com>
> Subject: how to correct it
> To: "code" <eyvaz_isaev at yahoo.com>
> Date: Monday, March 9, 2009, 4:19 AM
> Hi Prof.eyvaz,
>   Maybe you are very busy during those days, may your
> everything is ok! 
>   I really worry about it as not get the code from you, as
> a postgraduate I don't want to get confused. So I got
> one code (attached file) from internet, is it what you said?
> And when I run the example of the Static EOS, that's OK!
> But there are some problems when use the EOS with QHA, as
> follow:
> Hello! Wait a few seconds
> forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred
> Image              PC                Routine           
> Line        Source             
> thermo.x           00000000004070E6  Unknown              
> Unknown  Unknown
> thermo.x           0000000000403C42  Unknown              
> Unknown  Unknown
> thermo.x           0000000000402D5E  Unknown              
> Unknown  Unknown
> libc.so.6          00000030F121E32A  Unknown              
> Unknown  Unknown
> thermo.x           0000000000402C69  Unknown              
> Unknown  Unknown
> So where the problem is and  how to correct it?
>  Many thanks!
>  Dong-lin Li


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