[Pw_forum] March American Physical Society Meeting, 3/15-20

Paul M. Grant w2agz at pacbell.net
Mon Mar 9 07:24:39 CET 2009

To all in the QE-Democritos Community:

The week after next, the American Physical Society will host its annual
General Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.  I would ask those in the Community
intending to attend to contact me regarding the tools and support provided
by those users of PWscf worldwide critical to their individual and
institutional research efforts.  You can find me hanging around the Press
Room and all the sessions on the iron pnictide superconductors (my talk will
be given on Wednesday.  Link to
http://meetings.aps.org/Meeting/MAR09/Event/97186).  We should take this
opportunity to make our colleagues and the physics community at large aware
of our powerful and self-supporting open access resources for computational
research into the physics and chemistry of materials.  Look me up on
www.w2agz.com and w2agz at pacbell.net , and let me know of recent results
you've obtained which might be scientifically newsworthy and I'll help get
you connected with appropriate press contacts.

Regards, -Paul

Paul M. Grant, PhD
Principal, W2AGZ Technologies
Visiting Scholar, Applied Physics, Stanford (2005-2008)
EPRI Science Fellow (Retired)
IBM Research Staff Member Emeritus
w2agz at pacbell.net
http://www.w2agz.com <http://www.w2agz.com/> 

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