[Pw_forum] newbie - installation problem

Carlo Nervi carlo.nervi at unito.it
Tue Mar 3 22:46:48 CET 2009

Thanks Axel for the very exhaustive explanation.
I appreciated it.
If I would have the time I would like to try to compare
and test OpenMP and Mpich2 on my Linux PC, as well as the
million of options of the compilers....
Unfortunately, I have to use my (little) time to compile
Q-E and, expecially, to learn it!
(I consider myself mainly an experimental inorganic
chemist, electrochemist, with the passion of computer and
quatum mechanical calculations...)

CN> However, I trust the experience of the developers :-).
> you should never do that. as a scientist you are obliged
> to never take anything for granted and convince yourself.
> i may just be a "compiler terrorist", trying to sabotage
> sales for the compiler vendors. ;-)
> cheers,
>    axel.

Good answer. I'm trying to start from the most advanced
point that I can afford!
...I hope there is no back-trojan virus in the code :-)

Best Regards,
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Fax: +39 011 6707855 - Dipartimento di Chimica IFM
via P. Giuria 7, 10125 Torino, Italy

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