[Pw_forum] wrong record length

Marci vormar at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 17:42:48 CET 2009

Dear All,

I faced a strange error. I've made a parallel scf calculation with a
quite big sytem and after that I've tried to use a postprocess program
called epsilon.x. The first calculation went well, however epsilon.x
crashed saying:

     task #         0
     from diropn : error #         3
     wrong record length

The input file seems OK, I used wfcollect = .true. in the scf
calculation and set the same prefix and outdir directory in the
postprocess input file. I searched the archive and the source code of
espresso and it seems to me that this problem is related to this
specific cluster ( http://www.nersc.gov/nusers/systems/bassi ) where I
use quantum-espresso. The source code (eg. /PW/diropn.f90 ) says:

  !      the unit for record length is unfortunately machine-dependent
  unf_recl = DIRECT_IO_FACTOR * recl
  if (unf_recl <= 0) call errore ('diropn', 'wrong record length', 3)

Maybe my problem is related to the value of DIRECT_IO_FACTOR? I forgot
to mention, I'm using espresso4.0. My question is, why does this
happen only with using a postprocess code and how can I cure it?

On the top of this, I succeeded in running epsilon.x on a similar but
smaller system at my home cluster but it's says USPPs are not
implemented. As I would like to perform only a 'jdos' calculation,
which doesn't need wavefunctions at all, what if I simply comment out
the corresponding part of epsilon.f90?

If someone could help me I can send the input files in private.

Thanks in advance.

M\'arton V\"or\"os, physicist student
Department of Atomic Physics
Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE)
Budafoki ut 8., H-1111, Budapest, Hungary
vormar_at_gmail_dot_com, vm776_at_hszk_dot_bme_dot_hu

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