[Pw_forum] problem with installing Quantum ESPRESSO CVS version

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Wed Apr 29 23:43:50 CEST 2009

Dear Pwscf forum users,
                 I was trying to install Quantum ESPRESSO (CVS) version in
our university cluster
the configuration of that machine is
*Dual Xeon Quad Core Processors (584 Cores at 3.0 GHz)
4 Virtualization Nodes with 4 Dual-Core AMD Opteron Model 8220 each(32 Cores
at 2.8 GHz
32 GB Memory per Node
Dual GPU at 650 MHz Nvidia 9800 GX2 Graphics Card per node
Operating System: RHEL 5.0*

           with the ./configure command it can sucessfully detect the
parallel envirnoment
but with make all command I am getting following error

*/apps/intel/fce/10.1.008/lib/libimf.so: warning: warning: feupdateenv is
not implemented and will always fail
/opt/intel/mkl/ undefined reference to
/opt/intel/mkl/ undefined reference to
make[1]: *** [pw.x] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/gpfs/fs0/work/gshruba/espressocvs/PW'
make: *** [pw] Error 2
when  I contacted to the cluster management they suggested me to check
weather CVS version is compatible with version of the intel mkl?
If any of you can suggest me a how to solve this problem, that will be a
great help.
Please let me know if I missed any relevant information.
Thanks in advance.
                 Shruba Gangopadhyay

Shruba Gangopadhyay
PhD candidate
Department of Chemistry
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL-32826
'friendship doubles joys and reduces sorrows by half' (Francis Bacon).
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