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Giovanni Cantele Giovanni.Cantele at na.infn.it
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majid yazdani wrote:
> *Dear all users,*
> *I want to know how could I visualize a 3D charge density plot with 
> xcrsden.?*
> ** 
> *Besr regards,*
> *Majid*
> *Department of Physics, University of Kashan, Iran.*
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First step should, of course, to generate a file with Xcrysden format 
containing information on
your crystal (lattice, atomic positions), the spatial grid on which the 
charge density is calculated
and the values of the charge density on the points of that grid.
This is done using the post-processing tools of Quantum-Espresso, 
documented in Doc/INPUT_PP.txt
Basically, you should:
i) make an scf run, using pw.x ;
ii) post-process your results, using pp.x
the input file of the latter should contain both the &INPUTPP and the 
&PLOT (see the above mentioned
doc for further reference)

Then, you'll end up with  a *.xsf file, which can be directly read by 

Here there is a description on how to load the file and the charge 
density data inside:

Here there is a description on how to change some parameters controlling 
the display of the isosurfaces:

Once all this is done, you may also play with 2D cuts of you charge 
density (projection onto a plane),
which are directly handled by XCrysDen.



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