[Pw_forum] plotband.x could not get filename

Yan pemryan at yahoo.cn
Thu Apr 16 11:06:38 CEST 2009

Dear PWSCF users,

I met such a problem when drawing phonon dispersion:
bash-3.2$ /home/pem/espresso4/espresso.4.0/bin/plotband.x  myFileName

: too many arguments   -1                                                        
At line 42 of file plotband.f90 (unit = 1, file = '')   
for anything I typed after plotband.x , it gives the same error info. I find 
plotband.f90 and modified line 42 as bellow:

 call get_file ( filename )
-   open(unit=1,file='filename',form='formatted')
+ open(unit=1,file='myFileName',form='formatted')

after recompilation, now /plotband.x works with this file. I think there is 
something wrong with the subroutine 'get_file'(from flib/inpfile.f90), but I 
don't know exactly where. 

My QE version is 4.0. I've tried the inpfile.f90 from 4.1cvs, and it gives the 
same error.



Ren, Yan | Tel: +8610-8264-8102
Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
Every describable physical law will turn out to be an error some day.
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