[Pw_forum] parallel compilation on core2duo cluster

merlin meheut meheut at impmc.jussieu.fr
Tue Apr 14 23:48:28 CEST 2009

Dear pwscf users,

I am trying to run pwscf in parallel on a core2duo cluster. It seems  
to compile fine (I am using mpiifort), and I am able to send a  
parallel calculation on two cores (therefore two processes but only  
one processor). Unfortunately, when I want to use more cores, and  
therefore more than one processor,  for example:

  > mpirun -np 4 pw.x -npool 1 < scf.inp

this runs four processes but only on two cores, with the following  
error at the beginning of the output:

> You can't run mpdboot on ['compute-0-5'] version of python must be  
> >= 2.4, current ['']

I have been said that this error could be corrected by adding -r ssh, with:

  > mpirun -r ssh -np 4 pw.x -npool 1 < scf.inp

but actually, this does not make any difference.

Would you have any idea on the origin of this error and how to correct it?

Best regards,

Merlin Meheut, ESS Department at UCLA

Merlin Méheut
professional adress:
595 Charles Young Drive East
3806 Geology Building
Los Angeles, California 90095-1597
United States of America
tel: 310 825 7934
cell phone: 310 893 4253

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