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S. K. S. sks.jnc at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 15:34:16 CEST 2009

Dear all,

Thanks a lot for your kind and helpful reply.
Few things about Xcrysden are yet to be known.

1. Now I can print the thermometer after installing
ImageMagick. However, it prints the thermometer
separately. Please have a look on  the attached file.
Is it possible in XCrysden to print the thermometer  together
with the background  "Xcrysden charge-density" plot????

2.  >No! XSF uses Carthesian coordinates (Angstrom units).

 Then,  is there any other smart way to change Angstrom  coordinates
  to crystal coordinates in Xcrysden??? The usual pen and paper
  (analytical and manual) method is not always time-saving especially for
  non-cubic  (for instance, hexagonal) systems.

 3.  Another thing I would like  to know, whether it is possible to increase
  the size of the "XYZ co-ordinate symbol" in Xcrysden???
  One can easily zoom the picture of a molecule or a crystal in the
  Xcrysden and print  the larger size picture because   Xcrysden's print is
  an XWD window dump.  But what about  co-ordinate symbol???
  Is it possible to make its size bigger?????

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