[Pw_forum] from read_namelist : error # 1 reading namelist system

Giovanni Cantele Giovanni.Cantele at na.infn.it
Tue Nov 4 18:13:58 CET 2008

Michele Amato wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'm trying to do a relaxation of a silicon-germanium nanowires; when I
> start the calculation I get always the following error:
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
>      from  read_namelists  : error #        1
>       reading namelist system
>  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
>      stopping ...
> What kind of error is? Where can I look to understand something?
> Thank you very much
> Michele
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Dear Michele,

usually a good point to start with is the QE user guide, at 

In the "Troubleshooting (PWscf) 
section you can find:

      pw.x stops with error in reading

There is an error in the input data. Usually it is a misspelled namelist 
variable, or an empty input file. Note that out-of-bound indices in 
dimensioned variables read in the namelist may cause the code to crash 
with really mysterious error messages. Also note that input data files 
containing ^M (Control-M) characters at the end of lines (typically, 
files coming from Windows PC) may yield error in reading. If none of the 
above applies and the code stops at the first namelist (“control”) and 
you are running in parallel: your MPI libraries might not be properly 
configured to allow input redirection, so that what you are effectively 
reading is an empty file. See above.

The other way is try to browse the PWSCF forum, where many questions 
have been answered several times. One example in your case:



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