[Pw_forum] why there is no code for the constant of e-p coupling for nonmetal?is there any difficulty for nonmetal?

Yansun Yao yay451 at mail.usask.ca
Fri Mar 21 10:43:02 CET 2008

Dear Yuehua,

    Leave along whether it is difficult, is electron-phonon coupling physical
meanful for nonmetal?  My anwers could be wrong, but what I leant is that two
electrons coupled by lattice vibrations to form a pair, which can only happen
in metals (usually weak metals).  Please correct me if I convey wrong

           Yansun Yao
      University of Saskatchewan

Quoting xu yuehua <njuxuyuehua at gmail.com>:

> hello all
> i have no answer when my boss ask this question .
> anyone can help me to cover this question .
> thank you
> --
> Xu Yuehua
> physics Department of Nanjing university
> China

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