[Pw_forum] Running espresso-3.2.3 examples

Amos Leffler amosleffler at sbcglobal.net
Sun Mar 16 22:17:58 CET 2008

Dear Forum,
        I have run into a problem running the examples in espresso version 3.2.3.  I am using suse linux 10.2, 64 bit.  The fortan compiler is g95 version Linux x86_64/EMT 64 (64 bit D. I.).
The "configure" and "make all" commands ran without errors.
However, all of the examples I have tried stop partway in the ---.out files with messages of the form:
example18 sio2.cp.start.out
line 323: from create_directory error #4294967295
      324: unable to create_directory /home/amos/tmp2//cp_91.save

example01 al.band.cg.out
line 13: from setup eror #     1
line 14  problem reading from file /home/amos/tmp2/al.save
I checked example04 and got a result similar to example18.
        I have looked at the pw_forum and found nothing of this sort reported.
        Any thoughts on this problem would be appreciated.
                                                                    Amos Leffler
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