[Pw_forum] postdoctoral positions and internships in first-principles computational materials science, MIT

Nicola Marzari marzari at MIT.EDU
Fri Mar 7 20:25:21 CET 2008

Dear All,

we have several postdoctoral openings and short-term internships
available *immediately* in the Department of Materials Science and
Engineering at MIT, in the groups of Prof Nicola Marzari and Prof
Gerbrand Ceder, and in close collaboration with the research activities
of Bosch GMBH at their Stuttgart headquarters and Cambridge/MIT offices.

The postdoctoral positions are initially for one year, renewable up to
three years. Internships, both at the doctoral and postdoctoral level,
are for a duration of six months to a year, or longer.

In all cases, established competence in computational materials
science and electronic-structure modeling of materials is required.
Typical qualifications include

- Expertise in ab-initio methods and molecular dynamics
- Knowledge of solid-state physics and thermodynamics
- Programming skills in FORTRAN and scripting in Linux

Specific, desirable project-oriented skills are detailed below.

MIT combines a vibrant scientific environment with the social and
cultural life of Boston; our groups offer a diverse panorama in
computational materials science, supported by excellent computational
facilities - more information can also be found at
http://quasiamore.mit.edu and http://burgaz.mit.edu .

Applications, sent to the relevant contacts listed below, would
typically contain a CV, reference contacts, and a statement of research
interests and experience, with special reference to the projects
described below.

The postdoctoral openings (all in the Department of Materials Science
and Engineering, at MIT) are in

1) electronic-structure modeling of complex piezoelectric materials
(in the group of Nicola Marzari, submit to marzari at mit.edu). Skills:
density-functional perturbation theory, ab-initio molecular dynamics,
Berry phase and electric-enthalpy, effective Hamiltonians, scripting.

2) computational materials design (in the group of Gerd Ceder,
submit to gceder at mit.edu). Skills: good background in materials science
and materials physics, ab initio computational methods, data mining and
statistic correlations, expertise with scripting and coding preferred.

3) novel bulk and nanostructured thermoelectrics (in the group of Nicola
Marzari, submit to marzari at mit.edu). Skills: density-functional
perturbation theory, Wannier functions, GW.

Internships at the Robert Bosch offices on the MIT campus
cover similar topics: electrochemical properties of
materials for Li-ion batteries, electron and phonon transport in
thermoelectric materials, modeling high-performance piezoelectric
materials, development of new ab-initio techniques for defects and
interfaces, and database implementation for managing high-throughput
simulations. Applications for internships should be sent to
boris.kozinsky at us.bosch.com

Prof Nicola Marzari   Department of Materials Science and Engineering
13-5066   MIT   77 Massachusetts Avenue   Cambridge MA 02139-4307 USA
tel 617.4522758 fax 2586534 marzari at mit.edu http://quasiamore.mit.edu

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