[Pw_forum] [Pw_users] Pre-release of Quantum-Espresso v.4

Giovanni Cantele Giovanni.Cantele at na.infn.it
Thu Mar 6 08:49:24 CET 2008

Paolo Giannozzi wrote:
> Giovanni Cantele wrote:
>>> mv iotk/src/iotk_tool.f90 iotk/src/iotk_tool.f90.saved
>>> grep -v '^#' iotk/src/iotk_tool.f90.saved > iotk/src/iotk_tool.f90
> I think you should try
>   grep -v '^# ' iotk/src/iotk_tool.f90.saved > iotk/src/iotk_tool.f90
> instead (notice the space), otherwise you will remove needed
> #include's
it seems to work

>  > PS did someone succeed in compiling the CVS on alpha-Tru64 Unix?
> the correct question is:
> "am I the last one using alpha Tru64 Unix" ? :-)
well, the correct answer is (as far as my experience i concerned!):
unfortunately, such "old" alpha machines have the main drawback that
if you don't decide to kill them by hand, they never die!!!!!!

> most reasonable laptops, these days, are faster than the alpha cpus,
> so i hope the machine is large enough to warrant the effort.
> cheers,
>    axel.
I know, but I'm using a 16CPUs shared memory machine, whose single 
processor performance
is much worse than reasonable laptops and workstations, but that shows a 
VERY excellent
performance (in some cases much better than reasonable "these 
days"-clusters) with respect to
the scaling with the number of CPUs.

thanks again Paolo and Axel,



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