[Pw_forum] scf convergence calculation

Andrea Ferretti ferretti.andrea at unimore.it
Wed Jan 23 12:47:44 CET 2008

Hi Francesca,

>   /
>  &system
>     ibrav = 8, celldm(1) = 29.02243, celldm(2) =1.0, celldm(3)= 0.89771,
>     nat=56, ntyp=2,  ecutwfc=18.0,
>  /
> Si 28.086 Si.pw91-n-van.UPF
> H   1     H.pw91-van_ak.UPF

since you are using ultrasoft pseudopotentials (USPP), besides ecutwfc,
you should also specify ecutrho...
as a default ecutrho = 4 * ecutwfc, and this is what it is analytically 
obtained for norm-conserving pseudopotentials...
in the case of USPPs, typical values for ecutrho range from 8 to 12 times 
ecutwfc (as a rule of thumb to be tested)

of course, this can explain convergence problems

look also in the forum archive where this topic has been already 


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