[Pw_forum] Quick question on coordinates

Miguel Marti­nez miguel.martinez at ehu.es
Tue Feb 26 19:55:18 CET 2008

Dear colleages,

I'm currently doing some stuff on face-centered monoclinic structures, and 
have found silly problems. For example, the documentation reads:


   monoclinic (p)
      a1 = (a,0,0), a2= (b*sin(gamma), b*cos(gamma), 0),  a3 = (0, 0, c)
   where gamma is the angle between axis a and b

   base centered monoclinic
      a1 = (  a/2,         0,                -c/2),
      a2 = (b*cos(gamma), b*sin(gamma), 0),
      a3 = (  a/2,         0,                  c/2),

¿Is it right? ¿Is it a typo? I fear it's a typo, because changing ibrav 
from 12 to 13 decreases cell volume by exactly a factor of 2. What's more,
while according to the basis in the monoclinic case we'd have

Thanks in advance,


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