[Pw_forum] how to run PWSCF using the graphical interface

Souraya Goumri-Said Souraya.Goumri-Said at univ-lemans.fr
Fri Feb 1 15:57:15 CET 2008

Dear  PWSCF user's,

I am new user of PWSCF and I have 2 questions :

1- I am trying to run some examples under the graphical interface of 
PWSCF, but I have the following error message "

can't read "::pwscf::settings(CHDENS)": no such element in array
can't read "::pwscf::settings(CHDENS)": no such element in array
    while executing
"::tclu::newset run(CHDENS,$moduleObj)      $::pwscf::settings(CHDENS)"
    (procedure "_init" line 16)
    invoked from within
"_init $guiObj"
    (procedure "::pwscf::run::run" line 7)
    invoked from within
"::pwscf::run::run ::gUI0"
    invoked from within
".gui0.shellchildsite.menubar.menubar.run.menu invoke active"
    ("uplevel" body line 1)
    invoked from within
"uplevel #0 [list $w invoke active]"
    (procedure "tk::MenuInvoke" line 47)
    invoked from within
"tk::MenuInvoke .gui0.shellchildsite.menubar.menubar.run.menu 1"
    (command bound to event

*2. *I a searching for the user guide related to the graphical interface 
of PWSCF : TK4GUIPWscf. Where I can find it, please?

Sincerely yours,


Dr. Souraya Goumri-Said
Laboratoire de Physique de l'Etat Condensé, UMR CNRS 6087 
Institut de Recherche en Ingénierie Moléculaire et Matériaux Fonctionnels, FR CNRS 2575 
Université du Maine. Avenue Olivier Messiaen 
72085 LE MANS Cedex 9 (France).
Email : Souraya.Goumri-Said at univ-lemans.fr
web : http://geocities.com/saidsouraya/ 
Tel  : (+33) (0) 2 43 83 26 26 / 
Fax :  (+33) (0) 2 02 43 83 35 18

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