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Dear Sezginaydin:
    If you are new PWSCF user, why don't you read the userguide, inputfile documents, some useful tutorials 
in the QE website and the subscripts in the examples, before you make your poster? 
   The calculation mainly includes:
(1) scf calculation; pw.x
(2) nscf calculation with path given; pw.x
(3) collect band results for plotting; bands.x
(4) finally please execute plotband.x
Please refer to the sources I mentioned for details, and it won't hard.
Best Wishes!
                                           Yours Sincerely

>    1. Band structure (sezginaydin at gazi.edu.tr)
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> Hi,
> I am a new PWScf user.I did install espresso-4.0.1 to my computer successfully.
> I did run the example01. How can I draw band structure or which program should
> I use?
> Res.Ass.Sezgin AYDIN
> Department of Physics
> Gazi Unv.,TURKEY

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