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Mn and Pd are quite interesting metals. You can find a magnetic moment on Pd atoms depending on its local environment and slightly larger lattice parameters. 
This has a sense as you used GGA (PBE) base pseudopotentials which tend to give larger lattice parameter 
inducing magnetism for Pd atoms, at least. You can carry out calculations with LDA-based PsPs.
Try also usin the same lattice parameters as in the paper you cited.

Hope this helps.


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> Date: Tuesday, December 2, 2008, 9:17 PM
> I'm investigating the magnetic properties of MnPd
> ordered alloys
> on Co(001) and Co(111) fcc, using PWscf version 3.2
> I have some questions about the obtained results.
> I try to find the values reported in the following paper:
> Journal of Alloys and Compounds 415, 31-37 (2006), in the
> table IV,
> the values for magnetic moments for Mn and Pd atoms in each
> magnetic configuration. I found dead magnetic moments for
> each
> magnetic configuration. I have several results with MnPd on
> Co substrate; with
> non zero magnetic moments for Mn and Pd atoms.
> Which is the problem? I attach the input files.
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