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Eyvaz Isaev eyvaz_isaev at yahoo.com
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No, any user can download the CVS version.  
You were not carefull reading the web-page mentioned by Giovanni, as there is:

cvs login
and enter password: cvsanon

Before you should enter 2 lines (see the page) depending on shell you use (bash or csh). Of course, you should have installed CVS.


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Dear Giovanni, 
Thanks for the kind reply. This means the cvs version is only available to ictp or sissa users. Am i write??
But how a general user can get the cvs version of espresso? Or it is not possible. Bcoz it asks for the user name and password.

On Mon, Aug 4, 2008 at 4:47 PM, Giovanni Cantele <Giovanni.Cantele at na.infn.it> wrote:

Bipul Rakshit wrote:
> Hello pwscf user,
> I want to ask how to get and install the cvs version of espresso. I
> want to install in my laptop with ifort and mkl libraries and also in
> aix sp5 parallel  machines.
> regards
> Bipul
how to get:

how to install:

how to install using ifort + mkl:


hope this helps,


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