[Pw_forum] Question about induced dipole moment

lan haiping lanhaiping at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 18:26:21 CEST 2007

Hi,   All.
    I have read a work of  Prof Marzari  performed by QE package to compute
static dielectric properties of nanotube systems : PRL 96, 166801.
     To extract dielectric quantities, there are 2 methods mentioned in this
work. I have a question about the method adopted by the sawtooth potential .
In order to obtain transverse polarizability , we need know the  dipole
moment induced by external sawtooth potential .  I have done several tests
on similar systems carbon nanotube (6,0), but i have not found how to
extract such induced dipole moment .
 Would anyone please give me a hand on this subject  ?    Any tips or
references  are appreciated !

   Best wishes

Hai-Ping Lan
Department of Electronics ,
Peking University , Bejing, 100871
lanhaiping at gmail.com, hplan at pku.edu.cn
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