[Pw_forum] Compiler Problems

Amos Leffler amosleffler at sbcglobal.net
Wed Sep 5 02:46:00 CEST 2007

Dear Forum,
       I have been trying to compile espresso-3.2 and with the 
espresso-3.2.1.diff  patch and the results are similar.  As downloaded 
it stops in Modules/input_parameters.f90 with a compiler error.  I 
traced this to line 873 which reads:
            n_blockocc(2) = (1,1).
If it is changed to:
             n_blockocc = (1)
compilation continues until the CPV directory.  (I dont know whether 
this is the correct
change but it works.)
       In the CPV/init_run.f90 file line 257 the first entry in the 
readfile is a "1".  This gives an error which says it must match the 
dummy INTENT = OUT/INOUT. In line 75 of the file  readfile refers back 
to  cp_interface.  There does not seem to be any OUT/INOUT entries in 
this file so I do not know what  the first entry in readfile needs.
         Hopefully someone has encountered these problems and has some 
answers.  Any help would be much appreciated.
      Amos Leffler

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