[Pw_forum] compilation on Blue Gene/L

brsahu at physics.utexas.edu brsahu at physics.utexas.edu
Sat Sep 1 06:23:47 CEST 2007

Dear PWSCF users,

I am trying to compile the latest version of pwscf code on Blue  
Gene/L. I used the
Make.bgl file provided with the distribution and checked the  
"correctness" of all the entries in it w.r.t Blue Gene here. There is  
a compilation error at the preprocessing stage:

1501-510  Compilation successful for file iotk_write.f90.
/opt/ibmcmp/xlf/9.1/bin/blrts_xlf90 -qalias=noaryovrlp -I../include  
-O3 -qstrict
-qarch=440d -qtune=440 -qsuffix=cpp=f90 -qdpc -qalias=nointptr -Q -I.  
-I../Modules -I../PW -I../PH  -I/bgl/BlueLight/ppcfloor/bglsys/include  
-qfree=f90 -I../include
-I../include -I../Modules -I../PW -I../PH   
-I../Modules -I../PW -I../PH -c iotk_xtox.f90
** iotk_atol_x   === End of Compilation 1 ===
** iotk_atoi1   === End of Compilation 2 ===
** iotk_itoa1   === End of Compilation 3 ===
** iotk_ltoa1   === End of Compilation 4 ===
1501-510  Compilation successful for file iotk_xtox.f90.
ar   libiotk.a iotk_attr+CHARACTER1_0.o iotk_attr+COMPLEX1_0.o  
iotk_attr+COMPLEX2_0.o iotk_attr+COMPLEX2_3.o iotk_attr+INTEGER1_0.o
iotk_attr+INTEGER1_3.o iotk_attr+INTEGER2_0.o iotk_attr+INTEGER2_3.o
iotk_attr+LOGICAL1_0.o iotk_attr+LOGICAL1_3.o iotk_attr+LOGICAL2_0.o
iotk_attr+LOGICAL2_3.o iotk_attr+REAL1_0.o iotk_attr+REAL1_3.o  
iotk_attr+REAL2_3.o iotk_attr.o iotk_attr_interf.o iotk_base.o  
iotk_dat+CHARACTER1_3.o iotk_dat+COMPLEX1_0.o iotk_dat+COMPLEX1_3.o  
iotk_dat+COMPLEX2_3.o iotk_dat+INTEGER1_0.o iotk_dat+INTEGER1_3.o  
iotk_dat+INTEGER2_3.o iotk_dat+LOGICAL1_0.o iotk_dat+LOGICAL1_3.o  
iotk_dat+LOGICAL2_3.o iotk_dat+REAL1_0.o iotk_dat+REAL1_3.o iotk_dat+REAL2_0.o
iotk_dat+REAL2_3.o iotk_dat.o iotk_dat_interf.o iotk_error.o  
iotk_files.o iotk_files_interf.o iotk_fmt.o iotk_fmt_interf.o iotk_misc.o
iotk_misc_interf.o iotk_module.o iotk_scan.o iotk_scan_interf.o iotk_str.o
iotk_str_interf.o iotk_unit.o iotk_unit_interf.o iotk_write.o  
iotk_xtox.o iotk_xtox_interf.o
ar: illegal option -- k
Usage: ar [emulation options] [-]{dmpqrstx}[abcfilNoPsSuvV]  
[member-name] [count]
archive-file file...
        ar -M [<mri-script]
   d            - delete file(s) from the archive
   m[ab]        - move file(s) in the archive
   p            - print file(s) found in the archive
   q[f]         - quick append file(s) to the archive
   r[ab][f][u]  - replace existing or insert new file(s) into the archive
   t            - display contents of archive
   x[o]         - extract file(s) from the archive
  command specific modifiers:
   [a]          - put file(s) after [member-name]
   [b]          - put file(s) before [member-name] (same as [i])
   [N]          - use instance [count] of name
   [f]          - truncate inserted file names
   [P]          - use full path names when matching
   [o]          - preserve original dates
   [u]          - only replace files that are newer than current  
archive contents
  generic modifiers:
   [c]          - do not warn if the library had to be created
   [s]          - create an archive index (cf. ranlib)
   [S]          - do not build a symbol table
   [v]          - be verbose
   [V]          - display the version number
  emulation options:
   No emulation specific options
ar: supported targets: elf32-powerpc aixcoff-rs6000 elf32-powerpcle  
ppcboot elf32-little
elf32-big elf64-powerpc elf64-powerpcle aixcoff64-rs6000 elf64-little  
elf64-big srec
symbolsrec tekhex binary ihex
make[2]: *** [libiotk.a] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/bsahu/pwscf/iotk/src'
make[1]: *** [libiotk.a] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/bsahu/pwscf/iotk'
make: *** [libiotk] Error 2

It says -- k is an illegal option. But the
The portion of make.sys from where the error seems to come is:

LIBS           = -L$(BGLSYS)/lib -lmpich.rts -lmsglayer.rts -lrts.rts  
-ldevices.rts  -L/home/bekas/LIBS/BGL -lmass -lmassvbgl -ldcopy -lb-d  
-lnewdczed.rts  -llapack_440n -lnewdczed.rts  -ldcopy -lb-d -lfftwn  

LD           = $(F77)
LIBOBJS      = ../flib/ptools.a ../flib/flib.a ../clib/clib.a  
LDFLAGS      = ../flib/ptools.a ../flib/flib.a ../clib/clib.a   
$(LIBOBJS) $(LIBS) -qarch=440d

AR           =  ar
ARFLAGS      = ruv
RANLIB       = ranlib

where I do not see any -- or k after "ar".

What could be wrong?

Bhagawan Sahu
Microelectronics Research Center
University of Texas at Austin
10100 Burnet Road, Bldg. 160
MER 1.606H, Mail code R9900, TX 78758-4445
e-mail: brsahu at physics.utexas.edu
Phone: (512)-471-1344 FAX: (512)-471-8575

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