[Pw_forum] kubuntu+gfortran+configure+make all=no executables

Paul M. Grant w2agz at pacbell.net
Wed Oct 24 19:35:46 CEST 2007

First of all, thanks to Baris, Joerg and Paolo for getting back so fast.you
guys are great.  


I will answer your questions in detail later.  I ran into this problem last
night around midnight and I apologize for my rather cryptic posting, but I
was half asleep.  I'm digging into this a little more deeply, so let me pass
on the latest.it's very strange.it may be a "permissions" or file type
matter or some sort of flag that needs to be fed to gfortran.  I think I can
claim to be a wizard on the XP-SP2 registry and file system, but Linux is
still strange to me.


I'm in a directory ~/espresso-3.2.3/bin console window, and when I type "ls
-lsh pw.x" I get


0 lrwxrwxrwx 1 pmpgrant pmpgrant 10 2007-10-23 23:09 pw.x -> ../PW/pw.x


Now there is no pw.x in PW (only holds .o and .f90 files) and I think what
this is saying that Linux thinks the pw.x in ~/bin is a "0-byte link" to an
executable "somewhere."


Yet when I open ~/bin in Dolphin (the new KDE file manager), the Details
view shows that the file pw.x is 2.7 MB in size!  At the bottom of the
window, Dophin reports (I wish screenshots could be sent to the forum) "pw.x
-> ../PW/pw.x Executable File (Link)"  It's as if the Linux "Link Editor
(that's old IBM jargon.what's it called here? make.x?)" got confused and
assigned a link attribute to what is really an executable binary file.  The
same pattern holds true for all the QE .x files to be found in ~/bin.  I'll
bet if the "l" attribute can be removed, I'll have an executable (how can I
do this.chmod?).


Thanks again, and I will get back with details on the problems installing
Intel compiler is having with Ubuntu 7.10 which I think is a bug in the




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