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nazari at iasbs.ac.ir nazari at iasbs.ac.ir
Sat Oct 20 18:59:15 CEST 2007

 Dear Paolo,
 Thank you the  error "-intel-fast-memset" was solved with  your  prevouis
 Now there exist another error for  run_example: "from cfft3d, error#
 no scalar fft driver specified, I have run the example in two different
 machine one with  ifort 9.0 compiler and the other one has g95.In user
guide it is mentioned that the error is related to ifort 9.0 compiler but
I have checked two different compiler. Would you please let me know is
there any solution.
 Fariba Nazari

> On Oct 11, 2007, at 10:43 , nazari at iasbs.ac.ir wrote:
>>  Running the scf calculation .../root/fariba/expresso-3-2/bin/
>> pw.x:symbole
>> lookup.......   error: undefined symbol: -intel-fast-memset
> more likely, "_intel_fast_memset". It is a compiler library. Either
> you are not correctly linking the object files (you should use the
> same for compiling and linking), or you are using strange compiler
> options, or you have a bad installation of the compiler
> Paolo
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