[Pw_forum] Problems with Polarization calculations

Sohrab Ismail-Beigi sohrab.ismail-beigi at yale.edu
Fri Oct 19 05:01:35 CEST 2007

Dear PWSCF forum,

I've been having a problem running PWSCF for the Berry phase  
calculations of polarization for elements with f (l=3) and higher  
pseudopotentials (i.e. any lanthanides, etc.)  My system is an oxide  
that has La in it, and my pseudopotential is norm conserving and has  

Here is the error that the program produces upon entering the Berry  
phase code (bp_c_phase.f90):

      from  ylm_q : error # 181312304
       not programmed for L>

OK, that is a bit cryptic. The error is coming from the "ylm_q"  
subroutine inside the file "bp_ylm_q.f".  The ylm_q subroutine just  
calculates (real) spherical harmonics and has code for doing so up to  
l=4 (impressive actually).  ylm_q exists with the error above if one  
tries to calculate higher angular momenta than l=4.  The routine is  
given an integer index which it decodes into (l,m):  e.g. index=1  
means l=0; index=4 -> l=1; index = 9 -> l=2, etc.  It is coded up to  

Now, the problem is cause by ylm_q being called on being called on  
line 400 of bp_c_phase.f90:

    CALL ylm_q(lmaxq*lmaxq,dk,dkmod,ylm_dk)

It is being asked to compute the angular momentum ylm for a very  
large index lmaxq*lmaxq.   lmaxq itself is set when reading the  
pseudopotential in "allocate_nlpot.f90" where it is set to "lmaxq =  
2*lmaxkb+1".  For lmaxkb=2 (i.e. up to angular momentum l=2), lmaxq=5  
so lmaxq*lmaxq=25 and ylm_q just manages to work.  But for any atom  
with f projectors, lmax=3 -> lmaxq=7, and lmaxq*lmaxq=49 which causes  
the error and failure.

My questions are two-fold:

(1)  First, this is clearly an unintentional bug of some sort.   
Apparently no elements with f projectors (e.g. transition metals)  
were ever used for Berry phase...!??!  Personally, I don't understand  
the "lmaxq*lmaxq" bit at all in this code; it is mysterious.  In  
fact, as far as I can see, the output from ylm_q is being sent to  
"qvan3" which only needs something like lmaxq entries rather  
lmaxq*lmaxq....  But it is hard to be sure without more comments.

(2) On a more global and physics-related point, there are segments of  
the code in bp_c_phase.f90 (in particular the ylm_q calls and related  
quantities) that don't seem to make sense for norm conserving  
pseudopotentials.  Namely, the Berry phase calculation for standard  
orthonormal wavefunctions (from norm-conserving psps) only depends on  
the inner product of Bloch states and neighboring k-points:  one  
shouldn't be needing any angular momentum operators at all!

The ylm_q and related codes, from what I can gather from the code,  
seem to be designed to add a contribution to the electronic part of  
the Berry phase that has the form of some type of non-local atomic  
pseudopotential, which makes me think this is appropriate for ultra- 
soft psps where norm-conservation has been relaxed so one has to have  
some non-local projectors in the augmentation region to fix this up  
when calculating Berry phases.

Therefore, does the bp_c_phase.f90 code implicitly assume ultra-soft  

Any help you can provide is great --- as it is, there is no way to  
proceed forward unless one finds the real representations of Ylm up  
to some very high l!!!



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