[Pw_forum] finite electric field method

li niu niuli1978 at yahoo.com.cn
Wed May 23 16:23:40 CEST 2007

 Dear PaoloU,
Thanks for your help. I still have several questions to consult you.
1.Is it suitable to calculate Raman spectrum of tetrahedral amorphous carbon using the finite electric method?
2.You said that atomic forces and electric fields are implemented for the US 
pseudopotentials only in the cp code ,but I found they may be implemented for NC pseudopotentials for tetrahedral amorphous carbon. Why is it?
3.Using ph.x to calculate the phonon frequencies and eigenmodes and cp.x to calculate Raman susceptibilities by finite electric method, is it feasible?
Best wishes,
  Niu Li
Harbin Institute of Technology

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