[Pw_forum] Need help for compilation

Eyvaz Isaev eyvaz_isaev at yahoo.com
Sat May 19 00:57:20 CEST 2007


Quite easily. Have a look at your home directory and
find .basrc or .cshrc or something like that   
depending on your Unix (Linux) version. 
Just add your g95 binary directory to PATH, i.e. for

export PATH

Then type "source .bashrc" and everything should work.

For your convinient make a link to g95 binary file
ln -s /your_g95_bin_path/g95_binary_file g95
Now g95 is a name for your compiler.


--- vu ongphuong <ongphuongvu at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Dear users,
>   I use g95 for PWSCF compilation. Because I only
> have rights to work on my directory, I can not
> install g95 into /usr/local/. How can I make PWSCF
> know where is my g95? In other words, how to set
> path leading PWSCF to the g95 directory?
>   Thank you very much for your help,
>   O. P. Vu
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