[Pw_forum] pw.x configuration on AMD opteron with ifort/pgi/mkl/acml (CASPUR)

Conor Hogan conor.hogan at roma2.infn.it
Thu May 10 13:09:05 CEST 2007

Dear forum,
Before I spend a few weeks trying every possible combination of compiler
and library, does anyone have any recommendations for how best to compile
pw.x on an AMD Opteron 246/250/280 cluster (at CASPUR, if that helps)?

The available compilers are ifort9.1 and pgi6.2. ACML is available for
both compilers; MKL 8.2 is available for ifort (both Infiniband and Gb
ethernet are available)

I've no idea how pgi+acml compares with ifort+mkl on an opteron, for
instance. Perhaps someone out there knows, or even better, has a
high-performance make.sys for CASPUR to share...

Best regards,


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