[Pw_forum] Compilation Error

Eric Abel etabel at hotmail.com
Tue May 8 21:38:33 CEST 2007

Forum members,

I have successfully configured pwscf using g95, glibc-2.5 and kernel 2.6.20. 
  When I try to "make all", I get the following error:

g95 -O3 -cpp -D__FFTW -D__USE_INTERNAL_FFTW -I../include  -I./  -I../Modules 
  -I../iotk/src -I../PW  -I../PH  -I../CPV -c fft_scalar.f90
Fatal Error: While reading module 'kinds' found module version 0, expected 
make[1]: *** [fft_scalar.o] Error 1

I have been unable to find any of these key words in neither the pwscf 
forum, nor google.  My instincts tell me it may be an incompatibility 
problem with the compiler and my glibc and/or kernel, but I was wondering if 
anyone had any thoughts on this.

Eric Abel,

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