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from the Doc/INPUT_PW file, so which is the best compromise between time
saving and accuracy, among these methods?
Anyway I'm running some tests.

               CHARACTER ( default = "quick-min" )
               specify the type of optimization scheme
               "sd"         : steepest descent
               "broyden"    : quasi-Newton Broyden's second method
               "quick-min"  : a minimization algorithm based on
                              molecular dynamics
               "damped-dyn" : damped molecular dynamics. See also the
                              keyword damp
               "mol-dyn"    : constant temperature molecular dynamics. See
                              also the keyword temp_req.
                              Note that, in order to perform such molecular
                              dynamics, spring forces are NOT projected
                              along the path.
               "langevin"   : finite temperature langevin dynamics of the
                              string (smd only). It is used to compute the
                              average path and the free-energy profile.
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