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Dear Kesong,


I have successfully tested Andrea's epsilon.x against aluminum under
QE-3.2.3.  There is a problem with the off-diagonal elements (which should
be zero for a cubic symmetry) and I don't know if he's had a chance to fix
that yet.  For cubic systems, the code works fine.


-Paul Grant


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Dear Andrea,


According to your guidance, I compiled the epsilon.x successfully, but I
have two questions,


i.  I tested the epsilon.x, and it could read the outputfile by PWSCF3.2.
However, it can't read the save file by 

PW3.0. Is that true?


ii. The epsilon.x cann't support the ultra soft PP?





Kesong Yang


School of Physics and Microelectronics


Shandong University, Jinan 250100, People's Republic of China



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