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>On 8/31/06, Eric Abel <etabel at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>From my perspective, I would say that some people are too eager to ask
>>questions...the answers they seek are clearly present in the current
>>available resources.   It just takes a little elbow grease to find them.
>>It's much easier to simply post a question to the forum.  I don't support
>>this...researching one's own problem is far more educational than having
>>someone answer it for you.  We all learned this in the 8th grade.  That
>yep. but you also have to understand, that people can get carried away.
>my strategy towards this is to gradually provide less direct information
>and move to point out ways to how to obtain the information yourself.
>some people need to be helped across the first big barrier before they
>realize that investing effort into finding the right answers
>themselves pays off.
>the whole thing is a matter of finding the right balance and understanding
>the background.
>>said, I feel that these wiki ideas are great, as they would make it easier
>>to find answers.  I don't know if this is planned but the wikis should 
>>contain the reference papers which disuss the thoery that goes into pwscf.
><grin>you should have looked into the mailing list archives, this has
>been discussed recently</grin>
>please head over to:
>and ask to get an account (well actually you can probably
>request it in person. ;-) ). i have made the experience, that
>people who have just learned a method or how to use a tool
>(i.e. advanced beginners) write the best documentation.

I would be happy to contribute what I've learned to the PWSCF community.  I 
agree that "advanced beginners" make good teachers, as they tend to be able 
to "dumb the material down" so that the "beginning beginners" can follow.


>  axel.
>>As far as the developers are concerned, I am truly impressed with their
>>patience and competence.  It is intimidating enough for a graduate student
>>and pwscf beginner to post to the forum, it would be much worse if those
>>answering the questions were condescending.  Instead, they treat every
>>question more or less equally, and for that I applaud them.
>>Thank you for all of your hard work and patience.
>>Eric Abel
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