[Pw_forum] CVS compiling

Paolo Giannozzi giannozz at nest.sns.it
Fri Mar 17 10:05:34 CET 2006

On Friday 17 March 2006 00:06, Eyvaz Isaev wrote:

> Dear Paolo,

please don't address always to me: I am not the only one 
working on the code

> I have just compiled successfully CVS version of QE.
> Everything went smoothly except the next error [...]

> fortcom: Error: path_base.f90, line 280: Missing
> mandatory separating blank
>                 FMT = '(5X,"coarse-grained
> phase-space",T35,    " = ",1X,L1))'&
> -------------------------^

> I used IFC 8.1 on a parallel (Intel based) computer with MPI.

My intel 8.1 (Build 20041118Z) yields no error...I think that the 
syntax is correct. If a character variable spans two lines there 
should be a & at the beginning of the second line, and there is 

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