[Pw_forum] I/O problem in phonon and electron-phonon coupling calculations

yanmingma at sohu.com yanmingma at sohu.com
Thu Mar 16 12:21:17 CET 2006

Dear PWSCF Users,<p><p>Recently, we bought a very fast AMD cluster with big memory (say 4G/cpu memory).<p>However, in the phonon and electron-phonon coupling calculations, the calculation speed was slowed down dramatically due to the writing process of the temporary files in the hard disk, say writing wavefunctions. From my checks, the cpu running time is around 30%, while the writing file process in the hard disk takes up 70%. In this case, we could not take the advantage of our new fast computers. <p><p>So, my question is that could we use more memory instead of writing process in the hard disk? if so, how can we do this. Or, could we close out some unused writing files to save the CPU time in the phonon related calcualtions? if so,how can we do this?<p><p>I will highly appreciate your help.<p><p>Regards<p><p>Yanming 
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