[Pw_forum] warning with configure on origin

Axel Kohlmeyer akohlmey at vitae.cmm.upenn.edu
Wed Jun 28 06:04:00 CEST 2006

On Tue, 27 Jun 2006, Vivek Ranjan wrote:

VR> I am trying to compile pwscf on multiprocessor sgi origin machine. I run
VR> configure, and I get the following warning messages :

hmm, this looks very similar to the report we had recently from
a windows machine. 

please try changing at the very end of modulep.sh
'sort -d' into 'sort' and then re-run ./makedeps.sh
and then 'make clean' and finally 'make all'.

let is know whether this helps.


VR> Cannot open ../iotk/src/iotk_attr+COMP: No such file or directory
VR> pw_export.o : @iotk_module@
VR> WARNING: dependencies not found in directory PP
VR> Cannot open ../iotk/src/iotk_at: No such file or directory
VR> directory PWCOND : ok
VR> Cannot open ../iotk/src/iotk: No such file or directory
VR> directory Gamma : ok
VR> directory PH : ok
VR> allocate_d3.o : @phcom@
VR> bcast_d3_input.o : @phcom@
VR> ch_psi_all2.o : @phcom@
VR> close_open.o : @phcom@
VR> d0rhod2v.o : @phcom@
VR> d3dyn_cc.o : @phcom@
VR> d3_exc.o : @phcom@
VR> d3_init.o : @phcom@
VR> d3matrix.o : @phcom@
VR> d3_readin.o : @phcom@
VR> d3_recover.o : @phcom@
VR> d3_setup.o : @phcom@
VR> d3_summary.o : @phcom@
VR> d3toten.o : @phcom@
VR> d3_valence.o : @phcom@
VR> d3vrho.o : @phcom@
VR> davcio_drho2.o : @phcom@
VR> dpsi_corr.o : @phcom@
VR> dpsidpsidv.o : @phcom@
VR> dpsidvdpsi.o : @phcom@
VR> dqrhod2v.o : @phcom@
VR> drho_cc.o : @phcom@
VR> drhod2v.o : @phcom@
VR> drho_drc.o : @phcom@
VR> dvdpsi.o : @phcom@
VR> dvscf.o : @phcom@
VR> gen_dpdvp.o : @phcom@
VR> gen_dwfc.o : @phcom@
VR> incdrhoscf2.o : @phcom@
VR> openfild3.o : @phcom@
VR> psymd0rho.o : @phcom@
VR> set_d3irr.o : @phcom@
VR> set_efsh.o : @phcom@
VR> solve_linter_d3.o : @phcom@
VR> stop_d3.o : @phcom@
VR> sym_def1.o : @phcom@
VR> write_aux.o : @phcom@
VR> writed3dyn_5.o : @phcom@
VR> write_igk.o : @phcom@
VR> WARNING: dependencies not found in directory D3
VR> directory atomic : ok
VR> directory Nmr : ok
VR> directory VIB : ok
VR> directory VdW : ok
VR> configure: creating ./config.status
VR> config.status: creating make.sys
VR> config.status: creating configure.msg
VR> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
VR> Parallel environment detected successfully.
VR> Configured for compilation of parallel executables.
VR> For more info, read the ESPRESSO User's Guide (Doc/users-guide.tex).
VR> --------------------------------------------------------------------
VR> configure: success
VR> Can anyone help me with their advice and how to deal with it ?
VR> Thanks in advance,
VR> Vivek
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