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Robert Oeffner robert at oeffner.net
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Well, it seems that the readin.f90 file makes heavy use of forward-slashes, 
"/", when denoting files in folders. This is unlike Windows that uses 
back-slashes, "\". I'll need to experiment a bit more to verify this. But 
I've successfully run other Fortran code compiled with G95 + Mingw32 that 
opened files with no problems although these files wre located in the same 
folder as the executable program. Will let you know soon later.



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> On Monday 19 June 2006 15:18, robert at oeffner.net wrote:
>> (although a few warnings about REAL(8)/COMPLEX(8) inconsistencies
>> are issued by the compiler).
> they are irrelevant. See:
> http://www.democritos.it/pipermail/pw_forum/2006-June/004300.html
>> When I try running a few examples they fail as follows
> all of them, or do some examples work?
>>      from readpp : error #         3
>>      file /c/Users/Oeffner/Tmp/espresso-3.1/pseudo/Si.vbc.UPF not found
>> But on my system the Si.vbc.UPF is present as evident from the
>> following command:
>> $ ls $PSEUDO_DIR/Si.vbc.UPF
>> /c/Users/Oeffner/Tmp/espresso-3.1/pseudo/Si.vbc.UPF
> the file opening that fails is performed in  PW/readin.f90.
> Try to yield the same command with "shell" or whatever executes
> an OS command from fortran to verify that the code "sees" the file.
> Experiment a bit with the part of the code that opens a file.
> Opening a file will request a translation of file names from unix
> style to Windows style; maybe there are restrictions on file names
> (length, format, whatever)
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