[Pw_forum] espresso 3.1 compilation

Fernando A Reboredo reboredofa at ornl.gov
Tue Jun 6 23:30:06 CEST 2006

if anyone has the same problem to compiling in Cheetah at NCCS please change 
the file
'config.guess' as follows
 #             IBM_REV=`/usr/bin/oslevel`
That is comment  IBM_REV=`/usr/bin/oslevel`
and add the expected output               IBM_REV=
Please also thank Paul Kent.

Paolo I hope to brake my record again :)
Aaron thanks for the solution

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>> Seriously: inquire with your system manager. Maybe he disabled
>> interactive execution of scripts.
> I think that's right.  I got the same or similar message before on
> cheetah.  Try to use:
> ./configure.old ibmsp
> I recall this as an adequate workaround on cheetah.  I just lost access to
> so I can't test this for you...
> Aaron
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