[Pw_forum] Self-Interaction-Correction (SIC

Xunlei Ding ding at sissa.it
Mon Dec 25 09:10:46 CET 2006

Dear hongxia,

When you generate PP, you can set "isic= 1" to include the SIC (see INPUT_LD1 in
Maybe you can test some suitable PP including SIC if you can find some on Web.


Quoting ½ªÐ¡Íñ ½ª <wjhongxia at yahoo.com.cn>:

> Dear users,
> I need include the Self-Interaction-Correction (SIC) in the calculation, and
> i found SIC need to be included by myself, but I'm a new user of pw. So can
> you help me? i'll be appreciate your help.
> yours sincerely,
> hongxia
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