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Amin Babazadeh babazade at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 12:12:21 CET 2006

dear users
I want to find optical properties of ZnS so i used epsilon.x for doing
it.but this error has been written.

Program POST-PROC v.3.2    starts ...
     Today is 14Dec2006 at 13:53: 7

     nbndx  =    13  nbnd   =    13  natomwfc =    15  npwx   =    1056
     nelec  =  18.00  nkb   =    24  ngl    =     134

     Check: negative/imaginary core charge=   -0.000067    0.000000

     from epsilon : error #         1
     USPP are not implemented

     stopping ...

i think this error says that the epsilon.x doesn't  work on US
pseudopotential but i am not sure so i look at the epsilon.f90 in that file
it was written:
USE uspp,       ONLY : okvan
IF ( okvan ) CALL errore('epsilon','USPP are not implemented',1)
i don't know what okvan is?is this mean a spatial kind of USPP i should use
or it said that i can't use US pseudopotential.
I also want to test it with non conserving potential bur unfortunately  i
couldn't find any pseudopotential for ZnS.would you please help me and tell
me what  should i do?
I will appreciate your help.
sincerely yours

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