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Amin Babazadeh babazade at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 13:09:54 CET 2006

Dear Andrea
Sorry for getting your time.I look at the document that you recommend me and
then i try to calculate epsilon but i couldn't find epsilon.x.
i only find the epsilon.f90.Should i compile epsilon.f90?i think when we
compiled the espresso all of the code has been installed.
thanks a lot

On 12/12/06, Andrea Ferretti <ferretti.andrea at unimore.it> wrote:
> On Tue, 12 Dec 2006, Amin Babazadeh wrote:
> > dear users
> > I work with quantum espresso code and i want to know if we can find
> optical
> > properties (permittivity, susceptibility, absorption,....) with using
> this
> > cod.
> > i search in the examples but i couldn't;t find any thing.
> > i will appreciate your help
> >
> in the last release of espresso (v3.2) you can find the program
> PP/epsilon.f90:
> this is a simple code for the computation of optical properties
> (basically absorption) at the RPA
> level on the kohn-sham electronic structure, without the inclusion of
> local fields. The methods implemented and the input file are more or less
> described in Doc/eps_man.tex
> andrea
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