[Pw_forum] permittivity

Andrea Ferretti ferretti.andrea at unimore.it
Tue Dec 12 17:35:26 CET 2006

On Tue, 12 Dec 2006, Amin Babazadeh wrote:

> dear users
> I work with quantum espresso code and i want to know if we can find optical
> properties (permittivity, susceptibility, absorption,....) with using this
> cod.
> i search in the examples but i couldn't;t find any thing.
> i will appreciate your help

in the last release of espresso (v3.2) you can find the program 
this is a simple code for the computation of optical properties 
(basically absorption) at the RPA 
level on the kohn-sham electronic structure, without the inclusion of 
local fields. The methods implemented and the input file are more or less 
described in Doc/eps_man.tex


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