[Pw_forum] El-ph and spin not implemented

Amit Kumar amit76.india at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 05:44:13 CET 2006

 Dear User,

 I'm getting the following error for an AFM metal.

 from phq_readin : error #         1
     El-ph and spin not implemented

     stopping ...

 My questions is, in the new version of  pwscf  is it implemented????

 It would be better if you add a page in new user guide describing
 what's new in the current version compare to the previous versions.

 I have one more question::::

 Why I'm not finding the executable  LAMBDA.X  in the executable directory
 after compilation???
 Is my compilation or rather installation of pwscf  not complete?
 Even I did not get any sample example where lambda.x  has been used or any
sample input
 file to execute lambda.x.

 I'll be highly obliged if you kindly give me some useful informations about
the post
 processing of electron phonon calculation.

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