[Pw_forum] AIX + XML files

Gianni Profeta Gianni.Profeta at aquila.infn.it
Wed Dec 6 20:24:48 CET 2006

Dear Alex,

> please have a look at your make.sys file and compare the settings
> that configure has picked up with the following (most important are
> F90 and MPIF90, this is for parallel compilation...). there are
> some subtle semantics issue, that strike only the ibm compilers
> which do not seem to automatically switch to f95 mode on .f90 file
> name extensions (you _have_ to use xlf95 or mpxlf95... :-( ).

I tried to change the make.sys according to your suggestions (and with 
different combinations of flags/options) but with no improvements and 
finally I installed the new 3.2  version of the code.

Here is what I find (some new features):

1) with the default make.sys (the one generated by configure) and running 
with one k-point all is ok (as before).
BUT: I find fort.17, fort.9000, fort.4 files created in the running 
directory (they appear to have xml tags)
AND: the /tmp/Al.save/K00001/ directory's empty.

2) just increasing the number of k-points to 2, the code does not finish 
the first iteration (but does not crash).

Thanks in advance.

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