[Pw_forum] Can't run pwgui and missing chden.x

Luke Thulin lukethulin at netscape.net
Thu Apr 27 15:52:04 CEST 2006


I was confused because I was expecting to see the chdens.x.  Also, pwgui 
is working after the export command.

Giovanni.Cantele at na.infn.it wrote:

>> Please define the PWGUI environment variable !!!
>> PWGUI should point to the PWgui package root directory.
> You should define the PWGUI environment variable!!
> Depending on which shell you are using:
> setenv PWGUI something/espresso-3.0/PWgui-3.0
> export PWGUI=something/espresso-3.0/PWgui-3.0
>> Also, when I looked at the packages that should be available after 
>> doing the make all, chdens.x is not in my espresso-3.0/bin folder.
> As far as I know, chdens.x has been merged into pp.x. From Changelog 
> in the CVS version:
> 2005-09-13 22:30  giannozz
>        * Doc/INPUT_CHDENS, Doc/INPUT_PP, PP/Makefile, PP/chdens.f90,
>          PP/postproc.f90, PW/clean_pw.f90, examples/example05/README,
>          examples/example05/run_example, examples/example16/README,
>          examples/example16/run_example:
>        chdens.x merged into pp.x - all functionalities are still there
>        and it is still possible to do the two steps independently.
>        The output is basically the sum of the two outputs with minor
>        differences. Documentation and examples updated, GUI not yet.
> You find how to use the "new" pp.x for both post-processing and 
> plotting (old chdens.x) in espresso3.0/Doc/INPUT_PP
> Hope this helps,
> Giovanni

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